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The goal of StoneExpoZone is to deliver the requests concerning natural stone made by you to the stone companies that trade them.

StoneExpoZone provides you a tool to manage your needs concerning natural stone. To insert a request is free, you only need to start searching for the stone you want and make a request. Afterwards, you only need to visit us and goto your market to check the replies to your requests. 

Random natural stones

Selterser Trachyt

Selterser Trachyt

Sandstone, Germany

Luck Light Rose

Luck Light Rose

Marble, United States

Sea Wave Flower

Sea Wave Flower

Granite, China

Raja Multicolor

Raja Multicolor

Slate, India



Granite, Brazil
Quartz-Diorit with magmatic structure and medium grain size, presenting a rosy cream colour in feldspar bands and dark zones rich in biotit.

Stone Supplier highlights

Elreda for Marble and Granite


2 Stones on Market

Elreda for Marble and Granite Company has been successful in exporting marble and granite to many countries in hundreds shipments. All shipments were shipped in time agreed upon, exactly in the quality requested and for the best price possible. Our work is very successful and we deliver the requested product with the exact quality requested in top


United States

Delhi based stone manufacturer and supplier of marble, granite, and sand stone products . We provide high quality and wide spread prefabricated and customer-specified stone products using up-to-date facilities and technologies such as water jet stone cutting machine.

E Marble &Machinery


Our campany has taken up seriouslly the idea of being one of the biggest firm of the world. Our aim is to confirm the customers demands, determine the suitable price policy, deliver indefectible products on time and present the quality product and high quality service with best prices.

Market Activity

Someone in India is requesting 50 Botticino Classico (or similar) 6x5x8ft blocks

400m² in Rosa Portugal (or similar) 40x40x2cm tiles by Someone in Morocco.
700ft² in Sinai Pearl (or similar) 5x5x500" tiles by A company from Kenya.
5 Breccia Pernice (or similar) 10x10x10ft blocks by Someone in United States.
5000m² in Usak White Marble (or similar) 30x60x2cm tiles by Someone in Poland.
5000 Volga Blue (or similar) 16x16x12m tiles by Someone in Gambia.

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