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Random natural stones

Vidraço De Molianos Creme

Vidraço De Molianos Creme

Limestone, Portugal
Brownish white limestone, coarsely calciclastic, rather oolitic, abundantly bioclastic. Oopelbiointrasparite (Calciclastic limestone)



Limestone, Portugal
Beige limestone with oolithic tendency and showing alignements of fine calciclasts and bioclasts. Pelbiodirtymicrosparite (Packstone - Grainstone) (Calciclastic limestone)

Amarelo De Fonte De Arcada

Amarelo De Fonte De Arcada

Granite, Portugal
Two mica medium grained whitish-yellow to whitish-brown foliated granite, with a slight porphyroidal tendency. Rock with hypidiomorphic granular texture showing some deformation and fracturation features, namely in plagioclase.

Lilac Sierra

Lilac Sierra

Granite, Argentina
Very coherent granite.

Algonquim Limestone

Algonquim Limestone

Limestone, Canada

Stone Supplier highlights



One of our main Exports are Egyptian Marble and Granite. Our main office is in China and we have Brokers around Egypt, UAE and Australia.

ENS - Eximp Natural Stones


38 Stones on Market

Ens - Eximp Natural Stones, specializes in exporting marble and limestone exclusively from Portugal. With our head office based in Toronto, ON, Canada, we are able to supply any Portuguese marble or limestone products to meet your needs and deliver it anywhere in the world. We work with materials like Azul Valverde, Moleanos, Gascogne Beje and Blue

Har Impex


4 Stones on Market

Har Impex is Granite exporter at India. Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Red, Grey, Brown, Pink, Gold, Blue, Green, Yellow etc. Have you any requirement kindly contact us feel free.

Market Activity

Someone in Morocco is requesting 300 Emerald Pearl 290x160x2cm slabs

75m in Multicolor Slate (or similar) 244x20cm free length by A company from China.
3000m in Eibelstadter Muschelkalk (or similar) 80x2cm free length by Someone in United Kingdom.
3000m² in Amarelo De Fonte De Arcada 280x160x2cm slabs by Someone in Algeria.
21m² in Teton Grey Quartzite (or similar) 3.2x1.6x2.0m slabs by Someone in China.
2 Nh Red 120x160x2 800ft blocks by Someone in Taiwan.

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