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The goal of StoneExpoZone is to deliver the requests concerning natural stone made by you to the stone companies that trade them.

StoneExpoZone provides you a tool to manage your needs concerning natural stone. To insert a request is free, you only need to start searching for the stone you want and make a request. Afterwards, you only need to visit us and goto your market to check the replies to your requests. 

Random natural stones

Algonquim Limestone

Algonquim Limestone

Limestone, Canada



Granite, Brazil

Sienite Della Balma

Sienite Della Balma

Granite, Italy

Vidraço De Molianos Azul

Vidraço De Molianos Azul

Limestone, Portugal
Greyish-blue limestone, coarsely calciclastic, rather oolitic, abundantly bioclastic. Oopelbiointrasparite (Calciclastic limestone)

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom

Marble, China
Muted beige with strong tint of pink, slight gold shading and raspberry-colored veins.

Stone Supplier highlights

Sivas Mermer


Marble, Granite, Stone Products.

Finnit Inc


5 Stones on Market

Finnit Inc specialises in the import and distribution of Natural Sandstone (Various colours), Limestone, Granite and Marble. Our Manufacturing unit is set up in India which allows us to provide the best quality of stone at the most affordable price. Please send us an email at tanika.a@finnit.ca for a quick quote.

Market Activity

Someone in Sri Lanka is requesting 500m² in Portoro Leonardo 245x120x2cm slabs

5 Green Blue (or similar) 10x5x5ft blocks by Someone in United States.
450m² in Veselje Unito 80x80x2cm tiles by A company from Panama.
3000m² in Rosa Santa Eulália 280x180x2cm slabs by Someone in Algeria.
3000m² in Rosa Moncão 280x180x2cm slabs by Someone in Algeria.
10000m² in Spring Rose 60x180x5cm slabs by Someone in Armenia.

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