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The goal of StoneExpoZone is to deliver the requests concerning natural stone made by you to the stone companies that trade them.

StoneExpoZone provides you a tool to manage your needs concerning natural stone. To insert a request is free, you only need to start searching for the stone you want and make a request. Afterwards, you only need to visit us and goto your market to check the replies to your requests. 

Random natural stones

Absolute Black

Absolute Black

Granite, China

Slovak Green Serpentine Dark

Slovak Green Serpentine Dark

Serpentinite, Slovakia
Dark green compact rock with pearled luster. Eyes of light brown carbonated minerals. Yellow venas of carbonates.

Grigio Romano

Grigio Romano

Marble, Italy

Bucher Sandstein

Bucher Sandstein

Sandstone, Germany

Elazig Cherry

Elazig Cherry

Breccia, Turkey
Marble with calcite veins. Red-green pebbles are attached with same coloured cement.

Stone Supplier highlights

Finnit Inc


5 Stones on Market

Finnit Inc specialises in the import and distribution of Natural Sandstone (Various colours), Limestone, Granite and Marble. Our Manufacturing unit is set up in India which allows us to provide the best quality of stone at the most affordable price. Please send us an email at tanika.a@finnit.ca for a quick quote.



One of our main Exports are Egyptian Marble and Granite. Our main office is in China and we have Brokers around Egypt, UAE and Australia.

Har Impex


4 Stones on Market

Har Impex is Granite exporter at India. Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Red, Grey, Brown, Pink, Gold, Blue, Green, Yellow etc. Have you any requirement kindly contact us feel free.

Market Activity

Someone in Pakistan is requesting 2 Aalfang (or similar) 5x4x7ft blocks

14000m² in Statuario Venato (or similar) 1.6x60.0x60.0cm tiles by Someone in Hong Kong.
600 Behofen 200x70x2cm slabs by Someone in Ecuador.
8.1m³ in Beige Of Ioannina blocks by Someone in Ireland.
700m² in Kuru Grey (or similar) 5cm slabs by Someone in Lithuania.
2 Nh Red 120x160x2 800ft blocks by Someone in Taiwan.

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